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May 29, 2010

El Vocho and Inkstuds

El Vocho in Limited Edition
Steve Lafler is taking El Vocho on the road. He's printing up a limited edition of his long-running webcomic and starting a book tour to build the buzz. Keep an eye on the Vocho Comix blog for upcoming details.

Ink for Inkstuds
Fans of Robin McConnell's radio show/podcast Inkstuds, will be happy to know he's announced details about his new book on the Inkstuds website. Featuring a beautiful cover by Britt Wilson, the book will contain transcripts of his interviews with thirty cartoonists. The 296-page book is scheduled for an October 2010 release and will retail for $20.

MYX #4 and Moral Geometry #1

MYX #4
Jamie Chase's
Inks Inc. has just released the fourth issue of his myth and mystery title MYX. This one features two 20-page stories written and drawn by Chase. It's available for $3.50 from Jamie Chase Arts. If you're a fan of dark fiction, be sure to check out issues #1-3 as well.

Moral Geometry #1
Sean Andress
recently completed the debut issue of Moral Geometry. Described as absurd, surreal, horrific, and funny, the comic goes for $3 (postage paid) from 1777 Publishing. In addition to the artwork online, Andress also has a comic trailer for it on YouTube.

Outbound #1 & 2

Science Fiction Comics Anthology
Outbound is a relatively new science fiction comics anthology that I've just discovered thank to it's editor, Roho. The first issue appeared last year and the second has just been released. As great as the debut issue appears, the new one looks even better. Head on over to the Outbound Magazine blog and explore their impressive list of creators.

Dynasty of Losers
It's been months since Steve Steiner made a post on his blog. But this week he's back with a beautiful eight page comic called Dynasty of Losers. Read it on the official Steve Steiner blog.

Call for Submissions
Rob Jackson
, editor/publisher of the British anthology Gin Palace, is soliciting contributors to join him for a second round at the indy pub. See Rob Jackson's Comics blog for details and a preview of the cover of Gin Palace #2.

Herman the Manatee #3Jail Bait
Jason Voila announced the third mini comic collection of his webcomic, Herman the Manatee this week. In this edition, Herman goes to jail. Which is worse, serving time or being visited in jail by Knuckles the Narwhal and Self-Loathing Lester? Find out for $3. Order Herman #3 from the Herman the Manatee store.

Mind Riot
Harry Lee Green
(Hairy Green Eyeball II) posted scans from the Mind Riot anthology edited by Karen Hirsch and published by Aladdin Paperbacks in 1997. The book includes work by Ida Marx Blue Spruce, Glenn Head, Diane Noomin, and Phoebe Gloeckner.

Hope Larson
rolled out a new website this week thanks to her pal at Short Pants Press. Check out the new digs at Hope Larson.

Pat Aulisio
announced his latest 33 page comic, Inhabitants, is now ready for ordering from his blog, Pat Makes Drawings. In fact, when you buy now he'll also include a copy of Boolegs, and the first issue of Secret Prison. Quite a deal for $10 (plus shipping).

Phase 7 Sell Out Continues
Due to his successful trip to Portland for the Stumptown Comics Fest, Alec Longstreth has sold out of issues #012 and #013 of his popular Phase 7 self-published comic. Since he's decided not to reprint them, he's posted the comics online at the Alec Longstreth website. Now you can read issues #001 to 004 and #010 to 013 there. Of course if you prefer to read comics in print, Alec has collected several issues into POD volumes over at Lulu.com and you can still buy the in-print copies of individual issues at Phase Seven Comics.

Periodic Tables Reopens
Graham Kahler
, the creator of Blunderbuss and Teeny Little Super Bean has reopened his Etsy Shop, Periodic Tables. To read up on his latest musings visit his blog The Curiosity Dept.

Wletschmerz #3 and CPL #11

Weltschmerz #3 Now Appearing in Mailboxes
Clark Dissmeyer
, aka CAD, completed the third issue of Weltschmerz with a little help from Lara McCoy-Rolofson, aka LMR. This one is the thickest issue yet, with 36 pages of comics counting the covers. Get yours for $3 or a comic in trade from CAD via his Poopsheet Foundation page.

CPL #11
Another issue of Bob Layton's classic fanzine CPL is spotlighted by Ken Meyer Jr. in Ink Stains #19 on ComicAttack.net. You can read all about the issue with some great insider background, and then download a PDF for an extended trip down memory lane. Thanks for a continually great column Ken!

Seldom Seen FilmsComic Critic
Mark Monlux
has collected his webcomic, The Comic Critic, and announced the publication of his first book, Seldom Seen Films. The new book is available in various bundles from The Comic Critic, where you can also read tons of his movie critiques in comics form.

Will Cartoon for Mac
Australian cartoonist Anthony Woodward's computer imploded a while back. He's soliciting donations to help him get back on the grid full time with a new iMac. As part of his fund raising effort he created an exclusive comic that'll be sent to anyone helping out with a donation of $10 or more. And yes, there are larger perks for larger donations. Get Spare Parts—or more—by making a donation at Indie Go Go.

More Reviews
Dylan Williams
, owner/operator of Sparkplug Comic Books, has started a review blog, called Further Examination. Williams has promised to review books, comics, and art with a prolonged, rambling approach—even though this is a website, not a podcast! Emily Nilsson is rumored to have been enlisted to help.

The Sun

The Sun
Brendan Leach
has published his MFA thesis from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. The Sun newspaper presents his thesis comic The Pterodactyl Hunters. He's willing to send you a copy for the price of postage—make it $2 to cover the envelope—and you'll have yourself a 44-page tabloid full of Masterful Fine Arts. You can find more about the artist and see his contact info at I Know A Short Cut.

Cartooning BasicsCartooning Basics
Cartoonist and educator, Mike Lynch has published a 22-page booklet for beginning cartoonists, showing his drawing process in a step-by-step progression. He featured several interior pages on the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. Lynch is selling copies of Cartooning Basics for $4, which includes postage.

The Axe-Man Cometh
Ricky Geary
recently posted a four page preview of his upcoming book, The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans on the NBM blog. Beautiful pages, but if you can't wait for the axe to drop, check out his other novels of graphic mayhem like The Bloody Benders published by NBM.

Sean Gets a Shop
Over the last few weeks several of Sean Azzopardi's self-published comics have been featuring in these here ramblings. This week, the UK cartoonist has added a Phatcomics Shop to his website. Now there's an easy way to buy his books when you can't get over to one of the shows he's tabling at. Plus, he'll throw in a free sketch when you buy a comic!

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May 22, 2010

Ditkomania #79 and Cavemen in Space

Ditkomania #79
Rob Imes
is now shipping Ditkomania #79. This issue focuses on the women in Ditko's stories, from Betty Brant to Miss Eerie. Miss Eerie is featured on the cover by Dave Sim. Other contributors to the issue include Rob Imes, Ceylon Anderson, Nick Caputo, Martin Hirchak, Lynski, Bruce Buchanan, J. Scott Stewart, Jim McPherson, Will Murray, and Javier Hernandez. It's available for $2.50 (including postage) or via a 6-issue subscription for $15 from Ditkomania Returns. For online discussion of this issue and others join Ditkomania on Yahoo.

Cavemen in Space
Joey Weiser recently completed a graphic novel called Cavemen in Space. The book was self-published in a successful fundraising effort and is distributed by AdHouse Books. You can download a PDF preview and order the book for $14.95 on their site.

Dr. Wakefield What Did You Do?
Darryl Cunningham posted a sobering fifteen page comic about the case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield on his blog this week. Well worth the click and scroll.

100 Days of Winter
Sean Azzopardi
has just completed 100 Days of Winter, a new mini comic based around the 100 days project. For preview pages check out Phat Comics.

100 Days of Winter, RDCD Fist, Drought, and The PyramidRDCD Fist
Raighne & Meghan Hogan sent a copy of a new mini comic called RDCD Fist (Reduced Fist). This is a limited edition, hand-made mini comic by Justin Skarhus and Raighne. It will be available for $4 through 2D Cloud's Good Minnesotan Comics Store shortly. Retailers interested in carrying RDCD Fist or other GM comics should get in touch with Tony Shenton.

The Oubliette: Drought
Kenan Rubenstein, whom I missed at this year's Stumptown, sent me a package this week to catch me up on his work. His series, The Oubliette, is available to read online at The Five-page Folded Mini-comic website. (The site also includes comics by Josh Shalek, Megan Metzger, and Reid Psaltis.) The Oubliette begins with The Pyramid; then progresses to On the Beach; and Drought brings you up to speed on what's been published to date. You can buy any chapter of The Oubliette in print for $1.50 each (postage paid) from the Under the Haystack website. Kenan's first comic, Tick, fis also available for purchase for $6.


Goblin Hill Heads for Production
Rob Jackson has posted the first two pages of his new comic Goblin Hill. He's sending it off to print. 36-pages of adventure coming soon!

Aways Comes Twilight and Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe

Always Comes Twilight
Ken Meyer Jr.
was back on ComicAttack.net recently with another one of his wonderful Ink Stains columns. This one highlights Always Comes Twilight an early Fantagraphics zine from 1976. Edited by Dave Dapkewicz the 52 page zine features prose and comic stories and loads of illustrations by the likes of Dennis Fujitake, Ron Wilber, Gary Kato, and loads of others. Read the column, download the PDF, then read the zine!

Edgar Allan Poe
Eureka Productions has released the fourth edition of Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe. The newly revised edition, includes 40 new pages. New comics adaptations are The Pit and the Pendulum by David Hontiveros and Carlo Vergara, and William Wilson by Rafael Nieves and Dan Dougherty. Plus The Raven in a revised adaptation by J.B. Bonivert, with Annabel Lee by the same artist as a new companion piece. Returning from previous volumes are The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher and four more terrifying tales. The new 144-page edition is available for $12.95 in bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher at Graphic Classics.

Shannon Smith Originals
Your best pal ever is offering up nine pages of original art from his Small Bible mini comic at his Crooked Finger Press store. Smith is also available for custom pencil and ink sketches. Visit Shannon Smith for more info.

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May 15, 2010

Underground Comix Price Guide Supplement #1Fogel's Price Guide
Supplement Arrives

The long awaited first supplement to Fogel's Underground Comix Price Guide has just been published. The 128-page guide includes a massive listing of underground comix, mini comix, and British/UK comix. This was a massive undertaking and literally years in the making with an entire page of comix devotees who helped in one way or another, including head consultant and guru Don Donahue. The listing include values for each item in Good, Fine, and Near Mint condition. And there's also a fun listing for the highest realized price known to have been paid.

Even the advertising in this Guide is a boon to comix collectors, with plenty of creators, dealers, and aficionados represented. Upfront, the Guide includes Bruce Sweeny's Underground Station (complete with Larry Todd masthead), Dan Fogel's backgrounder on everything supplemental, a new Vampirooni Meets Hippy Dan comix by Dan Fogel and Randy Vogel, Justin Farrell's Maus' Evolution in Underground Comix, a tribute to Jay Kennedy by cover artist Scott Roberts, Phil Yeh's Fight Illiteracy with Literate Cartooning, Underground Market Report, Overstreet Grade Guide, and How to Use This Guide. The listings, of course, make up the majority of the 128 pages, accounting for thousands of comix and hundreds of cover thumbnails. With only 1200 copies printed, get your copy now from Hippy Comix.

Slam Bang #5 and Fan-Atic Press Catalog

Allen Freeman sent in a nice batch of Fan-Atic Press publications this week. Allen's a prolific publisher of small press comics. His flagship is the massive annual Slam Bang, the explosive comic anthology. His latest edition is #5, centered on a fast food theme.

Noble Head Funnies #1-4

Another series, Noble Head Funnies by Edward (Bolman) Noel and James Noel, is already up to four issues. Odd Comics #1 by Dan Burke (who is interviewed in Slam Bang #5) is another of Allen's titles that was reviewed here. In fact, Allen publishes enough titles he's printed up a four-page catalog. You can download a copy of the Fan-Atic Press Catalog right here.

SPACE 2007 documentary

Allen Freeman and Christopher Moshier have also put together a terrific 34-minute documentary about SPACE 2007. The film provides background on how the show began, the origins and transition of the Day prize, and vintage footage of past Day prize winners. Most of the film was shot in 2007 and features interviews with cartoonists that talk about their love of small press comics, what makes the SPACE gathering unique, and their work. Those interviewed include Eric Adams, Larry Blake, Mike Carroll, Bruce Chrislip, Bob Corby, Tim Corrigan, Kel Crum, Matt Dembicki, Matt Feazel, Allen Freeman, Ken Henson, Mark O'Neill, Rafer Roberts, Dave Sim, Carol Tyler, and many others in brief appearances that I'm unable to identify. The SPACE 2007 Documentary is highly recommended for fans of small press.

Graphic Illusions and SPACE 2010 Anthology

Graphic Illusions
In 1971 Rob Gustaveson published a single issue of an artzine called Graphic Illusions with a gorgeous cover by Steve Fabian. Ken Meyer Jr. describes the issue in detail along with sample artwork and loads of background from Gustaveson and contributor Tim Kirk in his Ink Stains article for ComicAttack.net.

Free SPACE Anthology
The SPACE Anthology 2010 is a free download available from ComicsXP. The book was assembled by Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records and includes work by thirty small press cartoonists. Many of the comics in this 113-page digital anthology are in color. Hat tip to Josh Blair.

Albedo One #38Albedo One
Ireland's magazine of science fiction, fantasy, and horror is now available in print and PDF. Visit Albedo One for subscriptions, downloads, and online content. Hat tip to Bugpowder.

The Hypo
Noah Van Sciver
posted the opening pages of his long-awaited graphic novel about Abraham Lincoln this week on The Little Blog. Check it out and leave a comment for him.

Zenick Originals for Bid
Weird Muse kingpin Dan W. Taylor advises us original art by Jeff Zenick is for sale on eBay, presenting a short window of opportunity to own a sweet piece of outsider artwork on the cheap.

Darryl Cunningham
Author/illustrator of the recent Psychiatric Tales, Darryl Cunningham, was interviewed this week by Matthew Badham on Citizen Badham. Cunningham's comments on how he connected with his US publisher deserve particularly deep analysis.

Boatload of Back Issue Mini Comics
As many of MF.com readers already know, our partner site Poopsheet, is the web's best social networking hub for mini comics and Rick Bradford's Poopsheet Shop is the best source for back issues. Rick recently added over 100 new books to the shop, so if you haven't visited lately, take a fresh look at his inventory.

Portrait by Joe Wehrle Jr.Wall Street Portrayal
Joe Wehrle Jr.
who's created some wonderful comics, illustrations, and portraits over the years wrote recently. He's been working up some sample portraits in the style used by the Wall Street Journal, and decided to use a photo of yours truly from the Newave launch party as one of his samples. I'm besides myself with the results. Joe is a truly gifted illustrator and his rendering provides more improvements than that expensive nose job I've been contemplating. Check out Joe's Pencil Portrait Gallery for more samples of his impressive portraiture. You can purchase stipple portrait prints of famed writers such as Clark Ashton Smith for under $10 and custom work at very reasonable rates. Joe provided five webpages worth of artwork and loads of background on his work in our spotlight on him and his incredible small press Big Little Book, Cauliflower Catnip.

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May 8, 2010

Wallace Sendek

Azzopardi's Next Projects
Having completed his graphic novel with Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Necessary Monsters, and his collaboration with Douglas Noble, Sightings of Wallace Sendek, Sean Azzopardi ponders his next projects. Next up? 100 Day of Winter, Black Leather, the next Ed, a new 12 Hour Shift adventure From the Chair, and an comic about his trip to Malta. In late 2009 he published his second collections of sketches. You can order the original Twelve Hour Shift graphic novel from his website. See Phatcomics for upcoming news on this projects.

Cornelia Cartoons #1 and Comics and Stories #45

Cornelia Eleven
Fresh from his table at SPACE, Kel Crum sent in his eleventh issue of Cornelia Cartoons for review. Published by Crum's Dangerous Bird Productions, CC #11 is 12-pages of cartoon fun. It's only a buck—plus something for postage I imagine. Send email to Kel Crum for your copy and as many back issues as he still has in stock! Check out Dangerous Bird to read his comics online; some are in color.

Tim Corrigan's C&S #45
Part two of the latest Mightyguy saga, Hello Dolly, is featured in Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #45. Single copies sell for $1.50 each or you can subscribe and get twelve lovely issues for only $15. Send your browser over to Mightyguy Comics for more details.

Comics Journal Sale
Fantagraphics is holding a limited time sale on back issues of The Comic Journal. Some are 1/2 off, some are 1/3 off. The sale ends on May 14th, so check it out while it's still a sale.

Van Sciver goes Solipsistic
Noah Van Sciver posted a five-page comic on The Little Blog this week. He's officially famous now.

7000 BC7000 BC goes Org
7000 BC has done a website update (complete with new URL). The independent comic collective from New Mexico provides opportunities for comics writers and artists to develop their personal styles and storytelling voices and promotes an understanding of the cultural significance of comic art through seminars and workshops. The group is awaiting approval of their non-profit status. The group's anthology title, Sting, is published in PDF and is available as a free download from the 7000 BC homepage.

Whino the Whiny Cat

Whine, Whine, Whine!
Yul Tolbert
has published Whino the Whiny Cat. It features the adventures of a cat who can whine all day. To order a copy of this whiny-filled comic book send 25¢ to Tolbert, who can be reached through his website TimelikeToons.

Jeff Foster sent in a review copy of Celebrity Zombie Killers (CZK), from Ape Entertainment. The 96-page graphic novel was written by Rick Copp (Teen Titans cartoon, Brady Bunch Movie) and drawn by Mikhail Drujic. Character design and cover art were created by Sanford Greene (Wonder Girl, Marvel Adventures Spiderman). You preview the book on Ape Comix.

The Darkness of the West
Press release: From the author of the Powell's Books bestseller Hymn California, Adam Gnade's novella zine, The Darkness to the West, is about a world falling apart and the things we can do to hold it back together. Over the course of 42 pages, Gnade's characters break into nature preserves, try to use The Force, shoot beer cans off each other's heads William Tell-style, and threaten the neighbors with an official Indiana Jones movie prop bullwhip. It's a story about getting rowdy to ditch the bummer-times. Set mainly in the South, the book begins with its main character Aaron on a self-imposed exile: “My work space was on the second story of the old colonial house I was crashing in, a great leaning wooden thing with balcony porches around the front and back. It sat surrounded by oak and magnolia trees which had long-dead vines wrapped around their trunks like snakes turned to stone. Birds lifted out of them in wild Amazonian flocks. Squirrels jumped from branch to branch. These were Southern trees, the kind that make you feel as if you are in the Congo or tropical jungleland in St Croix.” From there it's a race away from social anxiety and into adventure. This is a celebratory jam in the face of blues and danger. $2 from Microcosm

Direct from the mind of Whit Taylor, comes slice-of-life webcomics you can read at Whimsical Nobody Comics. New comics are presented frequently. This collection is culled from the online and presented in proper print format for enjoyment offline. Onesies is 16 pages, plus cover, for $3.

World of Lil
Writer Paul O'Connell and artist Lawrence Elwick have posted a Kickstarter project to publish a series of books about Lil. She's a little girl who just wants to escape the four walls of her bedroom and go on fantastic adventures. Her first adventure is Lil in Space, which will be followed by Circus Lil. You can read more about her at World of Lil.

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May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day
2010's Free Comic Book Day is rife with opportunities for free comics, even without leaving your computer. Send an email to Hogan's Alley (email must be sent on May 1, 2010) with your mailing address and they will send you a complimentary copy of their wonderful magazine. The offer is available only in the US, due to the costs of postage.

Wide Awake Press is offering a free PDF of a great looking new comics anthology called Jabberwacky. Download it on May 1st. And don't miss their other great downloads: Off the Wall: MJ Book, The Ancient Age, Piltdown, and EATS. Josh Blair is also offering free downloads of special editions of Candy or Medicine created just for FCBD.

Candy or Medicine Free Comic Book Day 2010 and Bad Energy covers

Bad Energy
Aaron Norhanian
has just published a new mini comix called Bad Energy. With a color cover and black-and-white interior pages, the book is available directly from Norhanian for $2 (plus 50¢ postage) through his blog Gimme Shelter and a few select comic shops.

SPACE Coverage
Dan W. Taylor posted a great selection of photos from this year's SPACE event on his Poopsheet Foundation page. Likewise for exhibitor Josh Blair who posted his report on the Candy or Medicine blog. I've never had the pleasure of attending the show, but I've often had suspicions about Josh's closing observation!

Act 4 coverAct 4 by Steve Ditko
Act 4, the newest Steve Ditko comic was released this week. Published by Robin Snyder and Ditko, the 32-page comic book features the return of The !? (8-pages), The Cape (7-pages), The Outline (4-pages) and an untitled 13-page story about corruption. Act 4 is available for $4 (plus $2 postage) from Robin Snyder.

Comic Fan #6
The sixth issue of Jim Main's Comic Fan is now available in the print edition for $12.95 (postage paid) from Main Enterprises. 100 pages.

Underground Literary Alliance
Yul Tolbert of Timeliketoons sent an item on the Underground Literary Alliance (ULA) this week. The ULA calls itself "the most controversial writers group in America." They stand up for writers, expose corruption in the publishing world, and work to create a fun and exciting alternative to the literary mainstream. The group offers a large assortment of books, zines, and pubs in the ULA Zine & Book Store.

Stumptown Underground Zine Ad

Portland's Monthly Zine
Stumptown Underground is a zine collective, publishing monthly issues that include pretty much anything you can put in a zine (writing, comics, illustrations, reviews, recipes, etc.). Every month the issue is centralized around a different theme. The purpose in doing a monthly zine is to provide, the collective and the people who contribute work, the opportunity to be inspired by their monthly themes, to create more, to get more of their creative work out in the world, and to build the zine community. Submissions to the Stumptown Underground are open, so start creating! You can find more information on their website; like current submission calls and upcoming events; as well as extensive previews of past issues.

The House of Schmerz and Robert covers

CAD Comix
The prolific Clark A. Dissmeyer continues to produce new comix at an inspiring rate. His latest books are The House of Schmerz (digest-size) and Robert (mini comix). Like the mainstream titles that inspired it, The House of Schmerz is filled with ghouls and demons—only here they're played strictly for laughs. Robert is an armless, legless stuffed lovely, who's treated as kindly as Mr. Bill in a series of brutal gags. You can contact Dissmeyer through his Poopsheet Foundation page for ordering info or to arrange a trade. Don't be shy, CAD loves to trade comix!

Psychiatric Tales and Spiller #3 covers

Psychiatric Tales
Darryl Cunningham's
new hardcover Psychiatric Tales is now available from Forbidden Planet. The 150-page graphic novel opens the world of the acute psychiatric wards to show the very human struggles of the people within. People who could be our neighbours, siblings, parents, employers or even ourselves. At times harrowing, but always deeply humane, this graphic novel will open your eyes to the pain of sufferers, but also the hope of recovery found by many. From now until May 12, FP is offering 40% off from the FP shop.

Spiller #3
Andy Rementer
, cartoonist of the Techno Tuesday webcomic, announced a new zine sketchbook filled with comics and drawings. Spiller #3 goes for $10 and includes a free sticker. Order from Techno Tuesday.

Power Out coverPower Out
The Xeric Award winning graphic novel by Nathan Schreiber has been published in print by Canal Press. Justin, fourteen and friendless, doesn't want to run away from his domineering family. He wants them to run away from him.

When a massive, extended power outage grants him his wish, the quiet and introverted teen must learn to survive in a world he's always tried to escape. Justin encounters a unique collection of friends and tormenters in his seemingly quaint New England suburb. His encounters include a brazen young neighbor uninhibited by her inability to speak English, a dead woman who cheerfully haunts his wet dreams, and the eccentric holdouts in a town that has been evacuated by the military. To see the book trailer visit the Nathan Schreiber website. 84 pages for $9.95.

Yo! Burbalino #1 & #2 covers

Yo! Burbalino #3
Greg Farrell
aka Gargle Farley has published the third edition of his comic Yo! Burbalino. All three issues of his digest-size comics magazine can be purchased from the Yo! Burbalino website for $3 a copy (postage paid). While you're there check out his comic blog and sample some free music. I can't speak for the others, but issue three is adults only, which is why I'm only running the covers of issues #1 and #2 here. . .

DIY Radio
Julie Sabatier
, hostess of Destination DIY, has announced the themes for her next six episodes. They are: DIY Rituals, DIY Economy, Representing Yourself, Doing It All by Yourself, I Made That, and Doing it Ourselves. You can subscribe to Destination DIY on iTunes or copy the following URL into the podcast feeder of your choice: http://www.opb.org/programs/podcast.php?diy

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