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Stay Tooned #5 coverFebruary 27, 2010

Stay Tooned #5
The fifth issue of John Read's Stay Tooned features interviews and art galleries with Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Jack & Carole Bender (Alley Oop), editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, caricature artist Joe Bluhm, New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, and Justin Thompson (Mythtickle); mini interviews conducted by Scott Nickel with Alex Hallatt (Arctic Circle), Sandra Bell-Lundy (Between Friends), Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security), Stephanie Piro (Six Chix), and Terri Libenson (The Pajama Diaries); a report on the recent USO-sponsored NCS cartoonists tour to the Mideast; plus articles/columns contributed by Tom Richmond, R.C. Harvey, Bill Janocha (who also drew the cover), Don Hagist, and John Hambrock. $11.50 (postage paid) or $55 for a 4-issue subscription from Stay Tooned.

FPI Blog Turns Five
Congratulations to Joe Gordon and his blog mates, Richard, Matthew, Pádraig, and Wim for reaching the fifth anniversary of the FPI blog this week. You can read the whole gang's comments at Forbidden Planet International Blog.

Timelike Toons linkTimelike Toons
Yul Tolbert sent me a fat envelope this week filled with cartoons, comics, and promos for his many comix projects. He's published many print pubs as well as webcomics. Check out Timelike Toons for over a dozen webcomics with titles like Celestelle, The New Misfits of Science, LPD, Trouble in Paradox, and Whino the Whiny Cat. Great stuff!

Nukes Stockpiled
Newaver Andy Nukes has loaded up his online shop with stickers, zines, original artwork, tees, and even a few comix. Check out the merchandise at The Andy Nukes Store.

Herman Hits 100
Jason Viola
cartoonist of Herman the Manatee celebrated his 100th episode this week with a special behind-the-scenes look at his process for creating his weekly webcomic. Take a look-see at Herman the Manatee. Congrats Jason!

Mike Fisher Goofa Man Productions survey

Goofa Man Productions Survey
Mike Fisher, an independent producer of animations and creator of the Star Babe Invasion comic book, recently completed a five-minute short called Shocking, Bloody Robot News. A previous animation, Invisible Master is available for viewing on YouTube. Fisher is soliciting feedback from fans and viewers about what types of animations they'd like to see in future productions. His short survey takes less than five minutes to complete and offers a chance to see some great artwork on the final two questions. Take the survey.

Horribleville coverHorribleville
KC Green's
new Horribleville is printed and shipping. The 80 page book is filled with semi-authobiographical comics. It's available for $10 from New Reliable Press. See KC Green's website for samples of his work.

Inside Necessary Monsters
Concluding webcomics month on the Panel Borders radio show, Alex Fitch catches up with artist Sean Azzopardi and writer Daniel Merlin Goodbrey as the first series of their epic webcomic Necessary Monsters comes to its conclusion after a total of 125 pages serialized over two years. The series mixes a ‘black ops’ style spy thriller with the tropes of modern horror films and bizarre characters with ultra violence to maximum effect. Fitch talks to Goodbrey and Azzopardi about the progression of the strip, the various ways it’s been published and their collaborations with another webcomics creator—Douglas Noble—on a zombie western (The Rule of Death) and surrealistic thriller (Sightings of Wallace Sendek) respectively. Listen at the Panel Borders website Hat tip to FPI Blog.

Swords of Fire coverDark Worlds Offers you Suspense
G.W. Thomas recently posted an item on his Dark Worlds blog on John Dickson Carr (aka Dickson Carter) with links to over a dozen radio shows written by Carr in 1942 and 1943. Most of them are episodes of Suspense. He also announced the publication of his new book. Teaming with David A. Hardy, CJ Burch, and Jack Mackenzie, each writer provides a separate novella in Swords of Fire. If you're a fan of sword and sorcery novels check out the preview of Swords of Fire on Lulu.com that includes interior artwork by cover artist MD Jackson.

In last week's review of Lost Kisses #11, I mentioned its dramatic approach was a big departure from the previous ten issues' short, humorous quips and observations on romance. This week author Brian John Mitchell advised me that the second set of Lost Kisses (#11-20) will follow the drama introduced in issue #11.

PW Reviews Newave
A new review of Michael Dower's Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s hit the ether at Publisher's Weekly this week.


February 20, 2010

Slambang #5 coverSlambang #5
Allen Freeman
has released the cover of Slambang #5, the Fan-Atic Press annual comic anthology. This year's cover was drawn by James Stanton highlighting the book's fast food theme. For a full list of contributors and other announcements see the Fan-Atic Press website.

Adventure House Catalogs
The vast collection of pulp aficionado Darrell C. Richardson is being auctioned/sold and Adventure House is publishing a catalog so massive it's been divided into two volumes. Whether or not you're bidding or buying, the 414-page catalog is an exciting opportunity to see 1700 pulp magazine covers reproduced in b&w for $20. The second volume is a 46-page catalog printed in color and sells for $10. See the Adventure House website for more details.

Invincible Summer/Clutch and Whirlwind Wonderland covers

Two from Tugboat
Tugboat Press released the new issue of Nicole Georges and Clutch McBastard's Invincible Summer #16/Clutch #21. This issue of the day-to-day split zine features a bout with swine flu, a Toronto jaunt, strange birthday cakes, and much more. The 32-page comic goes for a mere $2.

Tugboat also published Whirlwind Wonderland a memoir in comics by Rina Ayuyang about family relationships, her Filipino roots, and her new life on the coast opposite her family's—in San Francisco. The 128-page volume is priced at $15. Both Invincible Summer #16/Clutch #21 and Whirlwind Wonderland are available from Microcosm. See Tugboat Press for additional details and other outlets.

ShujaazFM coverHunt Emerson Workshops Nairobi
The great Hunt Emerson lent some advice to a Kenyan group of comikers who've launched ShujaazFM. Unless you can read Sheng, (a Kenyan street slang mashup of Swahili and English) you won't be able to read the stories, but the artwork is well worth taking a look. For more background on what could be a Kenyan cultural phenom see the article on the Times Online, which includes cover art and a photo of creative consultant Emerson. Finally there's a lovely interview with Rob Burnet, director of Well Told Story, the group behind the project, on the UN's news service radio IRIN.

Pinky Pipes
Dan Thompson
, creator of the quipotic action adventure comic strip Rip Haywire posted the pencils for a few episodes of an unfinished storyline rattling around his studio. The star is a new character, a cute American Idol wannabe, named Pinky Pipes.

Comics from Main Enterprises

Now Shipping from ME
Three new zines from Main Enterprises, previously reported on here, are now available for shipment: Chase #9 $2.25, Satyr #10 $5.25. and Holiday Out #1 $4.50. Prices include postage and packaging.

Tom Brinkmann's artzines

Brinkmann's Mini Comix and Artzines
Cartoonist and tabloid historian Tom Brinkmann has authored several books on newsstand infamy: two volumes of Bad Mags featuring the history of low-budget adult magazines and Off the Rack recording the tabloid insanity output from the Windy City. He's also published many artzines featuring abstract line drawings and erotic art. Click on the Pure Insanity title art on the Bad Mags website for more information. Adults only.

MYX #3 coverMYX #3
Jamie Chase
has released the third issue of his myth and mystery indie comic, MYX (pronounced "mix"). This issue features stories by Bram Meehan, Chase, and Darryl Wellington. The artwork for all three stories is by Chase. It's available for mature readers for $2.95 from Jamie Chase Arts.

News at Poopsheet
This week at the Poopsheet Foundation Russ Maheras shared a letter written by Clay Geerdes in 1988 in which the late comics historian and publisher defines the terms Underground Comix, Newave Comix, Small Press, Indie, and Alternative. Geerdes comments are clarifying and provide an interesting perspective circa 1988, when all these terms had been freshly minted.

Rick Bradford announced he's taking the Poopsheet Shop into meatspace for Staple! He'll have over 3000 mini comics and zines on hand for the March 6th event in Austin. If you're lucky enough to attend be sure to stop by Table 50, which he's sharing with Alan Rankin.

The Star Slayers covers

The Star Slayers Ink Stains #12
Prepare yourself for a serious download immersion session. Ken Meyer Jr. reveals the backstory on The Star Slayers in the latest edition of his Ink Stains column for ComicAttack.net. The Star Slayers was an ambitious stripzine written and published by Matt Bucher nearly thirty years ago. With an every-three-weeks schedule, Bucher and his creative team pulled off an impressive thirteen issue run before they ran out of steam. Contributors included Steve Brooks, Bill Anderson, Will Peppers, Rick McCollum, Mark Heike, Steve Addlesee, and Meyer himself. Meyer has generously scanned all thirteen issues into PDF files ready to download so hundreds of new readers can see what all the excitement was about back in 1981. Ink Stains #12

Underground #1-3 covers

Underground Comics
The final issue of Underground, will be released on March 3rd by Image Comics. The five-part series follows up the Whiteout thriller (in spirit) with a subterranean adventure that takes place in the caves beneath the Kentucky mountains. Written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Steve Lieber, and colored by Ron Chan, you can read a black-and-white version of the first issue on the Underground Comic website.

Stumptown Comics Fest 2010Theo does Stumptown
Thought Cloud Factory denizen Theo Ellsworth has created a beautiful poster for this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. Although he's a regular at the annual event, Ellsworth is an official guest at this year's festival.

Small press comics reviews from around the web:
Justin Giampaoli's
reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
Lauren Barnett's I'd Sure Like Some Fucking Pancakes and
Secret Weirdo

Robert Newsome's review on Poopsheet Foundation
Brian Payne's Warlock Hotel #1

Richard Bruton's reviews on Forbidden Planet International Blog
Paul Rainey's There's No Time Like the Present #11
Terry Moore's Echo: Moon Lake
Tony McGee's Outcastes #1-6
Andi Ewington's Forty-Five

Reviews on Syndicated Zine Reviews
Lauren Barnett's Secret Weirdo

Kevin Bramer's reviews on Optical Sloth
Onsmith's Claptrap #1
Baltic Comics Magazine #5

Reviews on Stumptown Trade Review
John Layman & Rob Guillory's Chew: Taster's Choice (Podcast)

Rob's reviews on Panel Patter
Faith Erin Hicks' The War at Ellsmere
Noe's Kytzyl Spring 2008: Philadelphia Stories
Shelley's Independent Kitten #5
Matthew Loux's Salt Water Taffy Vol. 1 and SideScrollers


Newave! coverFebruary 13, 2010

More Newave!
Many thanks to those who spread the word of our Newave Launch Party coverage last week: Mark Campos, Tom Spurgeon, and Mike Baehr. The massive volume was reviewed recently by Chad Derdowski, Tom Spurgeon, and Comicsgirl. Contributors Molly Kiely posed with a few copies on Flickr and T. Motley commented on the tome in one of his recent posts.

Time Flies
Congratulations to Mike Lynch, he celebrated the fourth anniversary his blog Mike Lynch Cartoons this week. Lynch is a magazine cartoonist whose work has appeared in Reader's Digest, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, the New York Daily News and many others. His blog is a wonderful resource for commentary and history on the world of magazine cartooning.

Super Crazy Cat Dance and Suzy covers

Super Crazy
Aron Nels Steinke announced this week he's completed coloring and expanding his Super Crazy Cat Dance for Blue Apple Books. The new edition is planned for a fall release. See Aron Nels Steinke's blog for a potential cover design for the new edition.

Lulu Presidential Weekend Discount
Small press publisher Lulu.com is offering a site-wide discount of 15% off, over the President's Day long weekend. Just add the coupon code "Washington" to your order at checkout. It's a great opportunity to pick up some books like Suzy by Richard O'Brien & Bob Vojtko, EEK! by Scott Nickel, and titles from Wild Cat Books, Hanger 27, and many others.

Pat Lewis
posted three comic pages from his Everybody Love Thog series this week on his Lunchbreak Comics blog at LiveJournal.

Sketchbook Comix ad

Good To Go
As reported last week, Anthony Woodward is offering 4-issue subscriptions for his Sketchbook Comix series. This week he revealed the series had originally been planned as A6-size books (approx. mini-size) but during development he changed them to A5 (approx. digest-size). Doubling the size affected the printing costs only slightly, but broke the bank when it came to the postage. As a result he's revised the subscription costs as follows: Australian $15; Rest of the world $25 (Prices are Australian dollars, so $25 AUD is about $22 USD at current exchange rates.) Order (with previews) from AW Comix.

The whole situation illustrates the finances zine publishers face. Creators scrutinize every cent they can during the production of their books, but it's often the postage that makes up the lion's share of the final price. In 2008, I sold a few printed calendars, but I think the $6 price tag scared off some potential buyers. My unit costs were about $5.90. The postage and the padded envelopes the calendar jewel cases required accounted for well over half of the cost. In relative terms, postage is a bargain to have a zine hand-carried to your doorstep from across the country or even the world. But it sure makes it harder to tack an attractive sticker price on a zine once you account for delivery.

Idiots & Angels and Space Monkey covers

Plympton Tell All
Indie animator Bill Plympton was thrilled to announce this week that he’s publishing a book with Rizzoli New York, to be released in Spring 2011. The book will feature tons of art from throughout Plympton's career, some created especially for the book, as well as his personal story, complete with anecdotes and adventures about his life, career, and filmmaking.

Space Monkey
Andrew Waugh
reports the launch of the Paper Jam Comic Collective's new anthology, Space Monkey. It's available from Traveling Man for £3 plus postage.

Moorman Get a Scanner
Over at Sinew and Bones, Ed Choy Moorman reports he has a scanner and he's using it to post lots of artwork on his blog. Check out his Hourlies experiment and commencement speech too.

Working Nine to Five and Stay Away

I'd Buy That
I found Working Nine to Five while browsing on IndyPlanet. Marianne Petit's artwork caught my attention, and the concept behind the comic hooked me. Petit had an urge to draw stories, but wasn't inspired to tell her own tales. Instead she started a blog, asking readers to respond to a series of enticing questions such as: Have you ever had a smell trigger a memory? Do you believe in an interventionist God? etc.

She calls her series Participatory Books. Working Nine to Five is one of them, produced in 2007 with recollections by Roxana Hadad, Howard Mittelmark, Petit herself, and Robert Ryan. The stories aren't comics, more like heavily illustrated memoirs. They're real life stories from the world of work—experiences from early jobs, where the working environment wasn't exactly ideal. There are elements of each that are frighteningly familiar. Working Nine to Five is available for $3 from IndyPlanet, where you can also view sample pages.

Part of the fun of small press is discovering a new title or artist you love. Stay Away from Other People by Lisa Harawalt is one those comix/zines you just have to have. The opening page reads: "Dedicated to raunchy scholars, gnarly rockers, and anyone who relishes the offbeat or cherishes relish." The rest of the book provides just such a collection of drawings—weird humaniods posing for portraits, illustrated lists, fist fights, and life observations. It's funny, snarky, and beautiful to look at. $5 from Lisa Hanawalt.

Small press comics reviews from around the web:
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reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
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Stan Yan's The Wang: Erection Year
Hawk Krall's Prize Comics #2

Rob's reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
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Richard Bruton's reviews on Forbidden Planet International Blog
Douglas Noble's Live Static
Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard's adaptation of A Study in Scarlet
Andrew Waugh's Coupledom
Anthony Johnston & Felipe Massafera adapt Light of Thy Countenance
Rol Hirst's Pjang #4 comic anthology

Kevin Bramer's reviews on Optical Sloth
Eric H's Odd Jobs #1
Simon M's Smoo! #2
Thomas Hall & Daniel Bradford's Robot 13 #3

Rob's reviews on Panel Patter
Nicolas Robel & Kevin Huizenga's Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #1
Pentti Otsamo, Jeffrey Brown, and Erik De Graaf's
  Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #2
Van Jensen & Dusty Higgins' Pinocchio Vampire Slayer
Jamie Tanner's The Aviary

Dominic's review on Famous Monsters of Filmland
Bluewater Comics' Vincent Price Presents #15


February 6, 2010

Link to Midnight Fiction 2010 Calendar

C CatOur February calendar artwork features Cauliflower Catnip by Joe Wehrle Jr. (Download a free 2010 desk calendar featuring a dozen small press cartoonists including Joe Wehrle Jr.) An artist, writer, and musician, Joe has written and illustrated several books including Pearls of Peril (BLB), Stovepipe, (an early graphic novel) and Drawn by Wehrle (portfolio). His work has been published in Two-Gun Raconteur, Vampirella, The Menomonee Falls Gazette, and many other publications.

Joe's Cauliflower Catnip is one of my all-time favorite small press characters. On the left is the 1979 painting by Joe that first inspired the character. Since then he's appeared in a comic strip, several short stories, and of course, this year's calendar. But by far his most famous appearance was in his own big little book. Joe did an amazing job on the project, writing and drawing a story with the authentic look-and-feel of the originals that inspired him. He went to great lengths getting the production just right and even went so far as to hand bind every copy. When I contacted him for this week's update he dug up an old polariod picture of him with stacks of printed books and covers, waiting to be bound!

BLB bindery

Below are the pencils for a comic strip Joe's been toying with; a story about a kid in the 1930s who wants to be a comic artist. Where it goes only Joe and time will tell. We can only hope it continues to fire his imagination and we'll get to see more.

comic strip

Through his Pencil Portrait studio Joe offers custom illustrated portraits at reasonable rates. See MF's Spotlight on Joe Wehrle Jr. for more about his work and an our feature-length interview with the artist.

Satyr #10 coverEyepopper
Jim Main's
tenth issue of Saytr is now available with another great pair of covers by Jeff Gaither (front) and Brad Foster (back). Inside there's comics by Simon Mackie & Ben Rowdon, Bebop, Barry & Linda Southworth, Jenn Walker, Marc Haines, and Carl Alessi. It's available for $5 (postage paid) from Main Enterprises.

Infinity #5
Ken Meyer Jr
. brought me back to Comic Attack this week with his article on Infinity #5 published by Gary Berman and Adam Malin in the Summer of 1973. As usual Meyer includes a PDF (for personal use) of the entire issue which includes an interview with Rich Corben by Jan Strnad, comix by Larry Todd, a portfolio by Esteban Maroto, a Tarzan story by Mike Olshan and Frank Brunner, a back cover by Mike Kaluta, and much more. See Ink Stains #11.

Good To Go and This Town covers

Good to Go
Anthony Woodward
drew a two panel comic every day for a year beginning on May 5th, 2008. Now he's collecting them in a new series called Sketch Book Comix. He's published the first of the planned four-issue series, called Good to Go. It's available as the start of a four-issue subscription.

Another Wooward comic, This Town is scheduled for it's debut at the Melbourne Independent Press and Zine Fair on February 13th. This story in this 48-pager preceded the Sketch Book Comic noted above, documenting the move to Canada late in 2007. It's published by Sure Shot Comics.

Chicken Fried State
Dan Taylor
has posted a new painting on his blog called Alektorophobia, an exaggerated or irrational fear of chickens. Symptoms include panic, terror, feelings of dread, and a rapid heartbeat. The painting was Taylor's entry for a phobia-themed show displayed at The Vex in Dayton, Ohio last November. See the Art of Dan W. Taylor for Alektorophobia and many other works.

String #18 and Zine World #28 covers

String #18
The crew over at 7000 BC have finished up String #18, their collective's collection of free comics. Download String #18 with a new installment of Courtney and Jeff’s Peoplings and Bram and Caleb’s New West, and new work from Mayhem, Courtney, and Josh—plus a selection of comics produced at our jam at Artisan.

Zine World #28
The release of Zine World #28 has been announced. The 50-page, full-size issue features:
• more than 340 reviews of zines, comics, chapbooks, books, DVDs, magazines, and other self-published materials.
• an article about the zine scene in Japan by Gianni Simone
• a column by Michelle Aiello (Indigo Zine) called People Are Complete Fucking Assholes, Or How I Lost My PO Box
• an art piece by Jackie Batey called Make a Zine
• a comic strip from the zine Intellectual Property Is Theft: Copyright, Anti-Copyright, Public Domain, and Creative Commons
• an updated list of zine review zines & websites
• information sharing about distros & stores, zine libraries, zine resources, and upcoming zine events
• a report from the first New York City Zine Fest
• cover art by e. war
To order see the Underground Press website.

This Week at Poopsheet Foundation
Rick Bradford
has added Jason T. Miles' My Favorite Beetle to the Poopsheet Comics Distro. The story: Yoko Ono has spent the last 28 days in a residential treatment program for substance abuse. To occupy her time, Yoko has written, produced and performed a play about her spiritual malady. This comic is the definitive record of Yoko's spiritual awakening. $2 from the distro.

There's No Time Like the Present #11 and Night Business #3 coversElevenses
Brit cartoonist Paul Rainey has released There's No Time Like the Present #11. He's also written out the remaining issues and confirms that issue #13 will bring the saga to its conclusion. All previous issues are still available through the Paul Rainey website.

Night Business #3
Benjamin Marra
recently completed the third issue of his Night Business series. Judging from the news clippings on the Benjamin Marra blog, there's a nice buzz going on about this issue. Hat tip to Rob Jackson for this item.

Exloded View and The Big Bad Book covers

Exploded View
Cloudscape Comics announced their fourth book this week, which is planned for a March debut. Exploded View is a science-fiction anthology, featuring work by Camilla d’Errico, John Christmas, Colin Upton, Eric Zawadzki, Edison Yan, Jonathon Dalton, Angela Melick, Toren Atkinson, Steve LeCouilliard, and many more. Look for a special advanced release at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, March 13-14, with a gala launch in their hometown, Vancouver, to follow.

The Big Bad Book
Alterna's Big Bad Book is a blue comedy graphic novel about Thor's bestial sexploits, Loki's need to humiliate Thor, and the human that got in the way. It debuts on February 17 in comic shops for $11.99. It's by Nik Jajic (writer/creator) and Mike Czerniawski (layouts/letters/co-artist), from Alterna.

News from The Hill
Jason Miles
added Nico Vassilakis' Remixponse Categoriarray to his distro this week. The second edition of this verbo-visual avant garde print barge documents 25 urgent categories such as: Ways of Restraining Others, Animals That Produce Light, and Things That Exude Heat. Remixspondents include Nico Vassilakis, Noemie Maxwell, Jim Leftwich, Susan Bee, E.R. Pennell, Dan Featherston, David Bromige, Peter Ganick, Ronald Sukenik, William F. William, Thomas Taylor, Eric Malone, Justin Lincoln, Bill Luoma, Jeff Conant, Guy R. Beining, Anthony Aries, Greg Ruggiero, Chuck Welch, Carolyn Hart, Tim Rogers, M. Kettner and Jeannine Arlette. $5 from Profanity Hill.

Small press comics reviews from around the web:
Rob Clough's reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
Malachi Ward's UTU
Pat Keck's The Rat Nest #1

Justin Giampaoli's reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
Noah Van Sciver's Complaints

Rob's reviews on Poopsheet Foundation
David Steinlicht's Cornered

Richard Bruton's reviews on Forbidden Planet International Blog
Steven Deighan and Terry Cooper's Feels Like Stephen King
Roger Gibson and Vince Danks' Harker
Dave Lander and Stathis Tsemberlidis' Comics of Decadence
Jemima Von Schindelberg and Steven Tillotson's
  Ethel Sparrowhawk’s Terrible Hangover

Alternative Press' Publish You

Joe Gordon's reviews on Forbidden Planet International Blog
John Wagner and Colin MacNeil's Judge Dredd: the Complete America

Allen Freeman's reviews on Small Press Newsroom
James Rubino's Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #3
Clint Basinger's Haweszilla #1

Kevin Bramer's reviews on Optical Sloth
Dave Lasky's Boom Boom #2
Tony Consiglio's 110 Per¢
Ariel Bordeaux's Deep Girl #1

Rob's reviews on Panel Patter
Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg's The Plain Janes
Jeremy Tinder's Black Ghost Apple Factory










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