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2010 Stumptown Comics Fest Page 2
April 24 & 25, 2010

.Neil Brideau
Neil Brideau

What is This? coverNeil Brideau came out from the Windy City and had two issues of Alpha City Comics for sale. ACC is written by Kevin Sciretta and drawn by Neil. These are 8.5 x11 self-published comics with sewn binding. The thread on the outside is covered by a strip of metallic silver tape. Neil also had copies of The Trugglemat and What is This? You can purchase several of Neil's mini comics from his website From the Inkwell. You can read about his projects on his blog, Oh Boy, Comics! Alpha City Comics is represented on the web at MySpace. When he's not writing comics, Kevin can be seen performing in Chicago comedy venues. Top

Alpha City Comics #1 & 2 cover

Ed Brisson's New Reliable Press had a nice collection of their books for sale like True Loves, You Ain't No Dancer, Jan's Atomic Heart, and Horribleville. KC Green was selling copies of his mini comic The Ghost Ship. To read KC's comix online visit Gunshow. Top

The Ghost Ship and Minister Jade covers

Ten Thousands Things to Do #4 coverJade Dodge was tabling for her publishing company Cellar Door Publishing. Her library includes Shocking Gun Tales by George T. Singley, Chance of a Lifetime by James T. Mitchell and Freddie E. Williams, I am Spartacus by Dan Wickline and Ilkka Lesonen, and Minister Jade by Steve Bialik. Upcoming projects are The Bengali Packet by Jonathan Baird and Headcase by George T. Singley and Mark Winters. Check out the Cellar Door Store to buy online.

Indie distro Global Hobo had a great assortment of zines and comics for sale. Jesse Reklaw has collected issues of his mini comix series of daily diary comics, Ten Thousand Things to Do, into a new book. Jesse's webcomic, Slow Wave, has been collected into a hardback book called The Night of Your Life. Jesse's selling a boxed set of his 10K mini comics on his website. (Sounds like a great set, but I'm already buying the individual minis.) I picked up a copy of Monday Part One by Andy Hartzell and Ramble On Part One by Calvin Wong at Stumptown from Global Hobo. Top

Monday and Ramble On covers

John Isaacson
John Isaacson

John Isaacson had a table next to Global Hobo was selling an assortment of books including Grumpy McBumbles. John is the author of Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting a "graphic novel" on how to turn your home into a T-shirt factory. The book was published by Microcosm. You can preview both of these titles and many others on John's website Unlay. Top

Grumpy McBumbles and DIY Screenprinting covers

Tom Lechner
Tom Lechner

Nightlife #2Tom Lechner completed the second issue of Nightlife in April 2010, just in time for Stumptown. As with the first volume, Nightlife is a comic that strings together Tom's dreams in a vaguely rational order, all in comics form. In addition to his comics and artwork Tom is an amazing sculptor and photographer. Visit Tom Lechner's Art for samples of it all, including the full content of some of his comics, like his 2009 24-hour comic, The End of the Line.

Dylan Williams, Emily Nilsson, and Sean Christensen were handling tablewares for Sparkplug Comic Books. Their recent titles include Whirlwind Wonderland by Rina Ayuyang and Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfröer. Julia was recently interviewed about Flesh and Bone by Haunted Happenings PDX. (The page includes other Stumptown happenings, scroll down to find Julia's interview.) Top

Sean Christensen
Sean Christensen's jacket matches the cover he did for Dope Flounder

Dope FlounderSparkplug partnered with Tugboat Press, and Teenage Dinosaur to produce their third free comic anthology for Free Comic Book Day. This one is called Dope Flounder and includes work by Jesse Reklaw, Sean Christensen, Tom Lechner, David Wien, Nicole Georges, and Ian Sundahl; with covers by Sean Christensen (front) and David Wien (back).

I missed seeing Tom Neely, but he was tabling nearby Sparkplug Comic Books. His work includes The Blot, Your Disease Spread Quick, and Brilliantly Ham-fisted. He's also made a skinwalker letterpress print out of his illustration for Fantagraphics' Beasts! 2. There's a nice preview of The Blot on his website, I Will Destroy You. His latest book is Henry & Glenn Forever. Tom was interviewed recently on Molossus. Top

Ed Luce
Ed Luce is thinking Ignatz

Wuvable Oaf #0Ed Luce's first comic book project, Wuvable Oaf is a "fairy" tale chronicling one big, scary lookin' dude's search for cute little mans in a city that looks suspiciously like San Francisco. The first issue, Wuvable Oaf #0 includes work by Ed, Matt Wobensmith, and Mark Herzog. It's available, along with issues #1 and #2, from the Wuvable Oaf website for $3.95. Check out Ed's online store for other books, comics, stickers, T-shirts, and mugs. Ed and the big Oaf also run a bog at LiveJournal.

The Pony Club is a Portland gallery that showcases the work of new and upcoming illustrators, printmakers, cartoonists, and painters. It's run by artists David Youngblood, Jennifer Parks, Dave Nuss, Dan Kim, Erica Hijazi, and Zack Soto. The gallery maintains a MySpace page and a Flickr photostream with shots from various shows. Top

Maria Masterson and Elizabeth Guizzetti
Maria Masterson and Elizabeth Guizzetti

Maria Masterson and Elizabeth Guizzetti met in high school and today collaborate on graphic novels and comic stories. Maria handles editing and production while Elizabeth works on stories and artwork. Their company, ZB Publications, has produced two issues of Out for Souls & Cookies and the Famine Lands graphic novels. A new project, Lure, is scheduled to begin in July 2010. Famine Lands is available online as a webcomic, that I believe updates three times a week. Top

Souls & Cookies and Famine Lands

Justin Skarhus and Sarah Tulius
Justin Skarhus and Sarah Tulius

Unfortunately I missed seeing Raigne and Meghan Hogan at the 2D Cloud table, but I did meet Justin Skarhus and Sarah Tulius, both of whom contributed to Good Minnesotan #4. The edition they had on hand was an early, hand-built version, and it was wonderful! It comes in a boxy sleeve that houses four separate mini comix. 2D Cloud continues their excellent track record for surprises and experimental comix work. The full edition will include additional work and is slated for an August release. It looks like a winner already. You can follow 2D Cloud's projects on their blog. Although I missed them, you can also see a great photo of Meghan and Raigne at Stumptown and GM #4 on Startled Maggie. Top

Yoko Ono and Nome

Jason T. Miles brought the Profanity Hill zine distro to Portland along with pals Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, and Mark Campos. Jason recently produced the Yoko Ono "My Favorite Beetle" comic. He and Tony Remple co-edtied the Nome anthology, which includes work by Jason Overby (cover), Philip T. Basher, A Wood Storm, Matthew Thurber, Josh Journey-Heinz, Jason T. Miles and Tony Remple, Nico Vassilakis, CansaFis Foote, Chris Cilla, Austin English, Emily Litjens, Jesse McManus, Kinoko, Ingaletta Basher, and Ron Rege Jr. Top

Kelly Froh
Kelly Froh poses with a few of her many comix

Kelly Froh and Max Clotfelter brought the new issue of Stewbrew to the fest. Subtitled "Good Names for Wiener Dogs," issue #4 comes in a printed sleeve that holds two oblong minis, one by each cartoonist. Top

Stewbrew #4

Kelly and Max both had a nice selection of comics for sale. Pictured below are Slither #6 and The Former Room-Mates of Gary Jones. The latter is a collaboration by Kelly and Gary. From the intro: "One thing that Gary has that most people lack is tolerance. He can tolerate almost anyone, and no matter what happens, whether you rob him or walk out on him, he will always welcome you back as a friend. He might be the world's greatest room-mate." Full color throughout! Top

Slither #6 and The Former Room-mates of Gary Jones

NormanNorman is a new mini comic that features the true-life story of Norman, a guy Kelly worked with during her six-month stint at that giant online bookseller based in Seattle—yup, that one. Apparently there are other "jungle stories" waiting to be told . . . You can see some great pics of the Profanity Hill table and keep up on Kelly's projects on her blog Slither.

Max Clotfelter's been busy too. I picked up one of his older books, Snake Meat #2 (2004) and his brand new Alligator Milk #1. It's always fun to see how a cartoonist's work progresses over time. I like Max's work to the point where I'd like to have all of the comix he's publsihed. His older work is great, but his recent material is simply riveting. On Max's blog, Snake Meat, his artwork does the talking. Both Kelly and Max self-publish their comix at very reasonable prices. You can pick up some great books for only one or two dollars through the Profanity Hill distro. Top

Snake Meat #2 and Alligator Milk #1

Mark Campos
Mark Campos, with Max Clotfelter in the background

My Cartoon Loonacy pal, Mark Campos, made it down to Stumptown after a few false starts. He gave me a copy of his newest comic Exapno Mapcase #8 that I was thrilled to receive. Mark has a story in the new issue of Greg Mean's Papercutter. Root Causes, the concluding story in PC #12, was written by Mark and drawn by Dalton Webb. I had every intention of securing a copy at Stumptown, but once there I was distracted by the sights and sounds and forgot to follow through. Now if I can only remember it at the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium. Besides writing and cartooning Mark is an avid blogger. You can follow his ethereal missives on LiveJournal. Top

Exapno Mapcase #8 and Jackass

Also picked up a copy of Jeremy Eaton's Jackass. Love that cover—and the comic came with a button with that head! For more Jeremy Eaton check out J.W.E. (being the art of) and Shop, J.W.E. Top

Alec Longstreth
Alec Longstreth three issues into Basewood

Alec Longstreth is a cartoonist, illustrator, and instructor at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. His long-running, self-published comic, Phase 7, recently reached its fifteenth issue. In this one, Alec gathered up pages from some of his early sketchbooks and traces his artistic progress from 1995 to 2004. Top

Phase 7 #007 and #015

Most issues of Phase 7 feature collections of short stories or full-length, single-issue sagas. But beginning with issue #005, Alec began a five-part story called Basewood, which won the 2005 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Minicomic. So far he's completed the first three chapters (Phase 7 #005 thru 007) and is working on chapter four. In fact, you can track his progress by the percent complete bar on his website Alec Longstreth.

Clutch #19Although most issues of Phase 7 are 7" x 8.5", the third chapter of Basewood (#007) is 8.5" x 11". As I recall, he said he wanted to work with a (proportionally) larger page size. (The artwork is absolutely stunning, with an amazing amount of detail. The covers shown here just don't do it justice.) Alec also said he began growing his beard at the start of Basewood and will keep it until he completes the project. You can purchase back issues of Phase 7 directly from Alec or read them online at his site.

If you follow Alec's blog, you can read his summary of Stumptown and a photo of him with Max de Radiguès and Greg Means. Tugboat Press recently published a massive collection of Greg's daily comics, Clutch #19 The Lost Years. 320 pages for $8.00. Just another reason to make it to the Zine Symposium in August. Top

Aron Nels Steinke

Although Aron Nels Steinke just completed expanding and coloring his Super Crazy Cat Dance for Blue Apple Books, it isn't out yet, so he was tabling with issues of his mini comic Big Plans and copies of his first graphic novel, Neptune. The new edition of Cat Dance is available for pre-orders through distributor Chronicle Books. Top

Chris Cilla
Chris Cilla poses for a picture while Tim Root talks to the hand

Chris Cilla and Tim Root shared a table. They completed a split comix, Hot Schlitz, just in time for the show. Chris also had the new issue of Stun Nuts, the sixth, and a new mini-sketchbook called 20,000 Island as well as a bunch of older comics like Laugh-a-Graphs, a collection of gag cartoons published by Sparkplug in 2009. Top

Hot Schlitz and Laugh-a-Graphs

Tim Root
Tim Root

The Portland Mercury cover by Tim Root

Tim Root turned in a fabulous cover for the Stumptown issue of the Portland Mercury, the free weekly with the Diamond #5 comic insert. Inside, was a "graphic article" written by Riley Michael Parker and drawn by Carolyn Main. (Incedently, The Mercury's comix page runs Maakies, Techno Tuesday, Underworld, and Dinosaur Comics.) Top

TrEye Magnuss, and Crappy Comics

Tim had plenty of his Crappy Comics for sale including a few he created especially for all ages audiences like, TrEye Magnuss, published under the Hamburger House Comics brand. Top

Ben Bittner
Ben Bittner signs a copy of his Cooking with Anne mini comic

Ben Bittner writes and draws the webcomic Cooking with Anne, that runs on Webcomics Nation. Ben has been creating comics since 2002. His blog, Space Pirate Apocalypse, features comics and news updates. Ben collected his webcomics into a mini comic for Stumptown. Top

Scott Faulkner,
Scott Faulkner, Toby Craig, and Stevie Van Bronkhorst

Moxie, My Sweet and

Rojo by Scott FaulknerScott Faulkner, Toby Craig, and Stevie Van Bronkhorst shared a table, representing a portion of the brain trust of Friends of the Nib. Scott was selling copies of his terrific comics anthology Moxie, My Sweet, that was written by Mark Campos and illustrated by a handful of indie cartoonists. Scott published the softbound volume with the Finecomix imprint. You can still find it at select comics shops and various online outlets. He also had copies of his Women in Uniform comic for sale. These days Scott is working on a webcomic called Rojo. You can read it online at Vinylsaurus Industries. Top

Amends for the Living and On a Jolly Holliday

Toby Craig of I Think I Can, has collected his 192-page comic, Punish the Dead into three volumes of full color comics. Each one is a limited edition, hand-bound by the artist. Volume one is called Punish the Dead; Vol. two, Void and Parallel; and Vol. three , Amends for the Living. Each 64 page book is available for $10 from the I Think I Can Shop.

Stevie Van Bronkhorst created her mini comic On a Jolly Holiday with Mary Augusta Burr just in time for Stumptown, Published through Force of Habit, the 12-page comic is available, just email Stevie for details.

David Lasky was also tabling with the Nibsters, but I missed the chance to meet him. His blog is literally Comics and Nothing But.

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